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What data should you expect out of your IT Provider?

Jan 15, 2024

By Dan Polk

Here’s a little-known fact: Most IT companies are run by IT people. Oh wait, that’s a universally known fact?

The problem is that most information provided by your IT Provider is not going to be very beneficial. Multiple pages of jargon and text that doesn’t say much to a nontechnical executive. From a tech perspective, that’s totally acceptable. From your perspective, it’s useless.

So, providers convinced themselves that their clients do not care about reporting. Which isn’t true. They (you) just prefer good reporting on the state of your systems and what you need to pay attention to.

Every provider should be providing a quarterly (or more often) report of the following information:

Backup – This should be simple. What devices are being backed up and have the backups been successfully tested and completed? How often is this done? Ensuring your data is backed up is not a technical thing and does require staying engaged to ensure this is getting done. If you’re working with a good provider, you should not have to worry about doing this. However, it would be concerning if they have not been providing this information.

Asset Management – How do you know how many computers you have in place? What is their age? Who is working on these computers? What other devices is your provider managing for you? If you are not getting this information, ask your provider to start ASAP. This should be a proactive report indicating which computers should be considered for replacement in the coming quarters so you can budget properly.

Security Reports – It is difficult to cut out all of the technical information, so some may come off as intimidating. However, as long as they have simplified the important parts into GREEN or RED, you should be in good shape. Either way, make sure your systems are being patched on a regular basis. Ironically, this is one of the most powerful tools for the IT provider to show their value. Look at everything we’re blocking!

Service Tickets – This is the lowest value report, but you should be getting it, nonetheless. How many service tickets has your IT team completed this month? A good IT provider is looking forward, so reporting on past tickets may not be on their mind. That’s okay and they really shouldn’t be dinged for this. If this interests you, you can request they set this up for you or that you are provided access to the client portal with this reporting.

This list is not extensive, but it’s an excellent start. If your provider is consistently sending you favorable reports in each of these areas then hold on tight, you found a good one!

If your provider is not providing any of these reports and gets offenses if you ask, congratulations! You just discovered you have a less than mature provider and it may be time to get a second opinion.

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