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Simple Efficient IT

We don’t just fix computers. We help people with computer problems.


A breach of any kind can severely impact every aspect of your company. We are known for our cybersecurity excellence in training, monitoring, and prevention. Our cyber security protection allows you to sleep at night knowing your business is protected and able to operate with confidence.

Strategic Planning

The right IT partner does not tell you what to do, they work in concert with your needs, budget, and timeline. Silicon Plains helps you align every unique aspect of your business to not only help you keep pace, but also to accelerate ahead of your competition.

Responsive Help Desk

Our elite help desk team ensures that your business is able to enjoy uptime around the clock. You can reach out to us anytime and expect your problem to be resolved the right way the first time. Enjoy superior support today.

Security Scan

Every business believes they have their IT under control, maybe they have an IT team that claims they are handling it, or they just are too busy to deal with it. Take advantage of our complimentary security scan to see the truth behind your IT. Whatever you do with the results is your business.

“It’s great because they just know us and we trust they’ve got everything covered.”
Before Silicon Plains it was a stressful event anytime we had to make a call to our provider, we never knew how fast they would react. Working with Silicon Plains we have achieved a much quicker response time…
Michael Schmitz

Schmitz-Holmstrom, LLP

Our specialty is aviation, not cyber security. Before working with Silicon Plains the IT process was stressful and was always a worry. What Silicon Plains has done for us is provide national level of service but scaled locally.

Bismarck Aero Center

What we do for you


Cyber Security

Cyber Security has never been more important. Your business, no matter the size is a target that has never been more vulnerable. We can help you prepare for anything.

Strategic Planning

Running around from fire to fire may have been a good enough IT plan 15 years ago, but it is not enough today. Businesses are leveraging technology like never before, we have to either keep up or fall behind.

Help Desk

Our help desk team is made up of only the best of the best, which means your IT issues are resolved quickly, accurately, and efficiently. For maximum uptime and fewer disruptions Silicon Plains is the place to be.

We Scale With You

Whether you need a lot or a little IT help we are here for you. Unlike an internal IT team working with Silicon Plains means no managing an IT team, inefficiencies, or down time. You get all of the help you need, with none of the downsides.


Onboarding a new employee can always be a headache, do they need a dock? A laptop? Are they ready to work remote? Are they setup with our security standards? Etc. Working with Silicon Plains means always being ready to expand.

Remote Support

Is your team able to work remotely with complete confidence? If you are not chances, are you are missing out on employees who prefer to work remotely. We can help you support a remote team from anywhere!

With families entrusting us with the care of their loved ones, it’s paramount that we maintain the sanctity of our residents’ data. Silicon Plains has become an indispensable partner, providing cybersecurity measures tailor-made for facilities like ours. We are confident in our digital safety like never before.


Our long-term care center has patient data that is both sensitive and critical. Silicon Plains has provided us with robust cybersecurity measures ensuring uninterrupted operations. Their specialized knowledge in healthcare cybersecurity is truly unparalleled. “

— Robert Sheckler, Strasburg Care Center


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Think Like A Hacker To Help Protect Your Business

Think Like A Hacker To Help Protect Your Business

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