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You Deserve To Know Whether Or Not Your Business Is Safe

We Offer a Free Third-Party Security Audit with No Strings Attached

What Will I Actually See?


Security Basics like password usage/strength, dark web search, and whether passwords are being required on your devices at all.

Whether MFA can or can be bypassed, if it is in place at all.

Firewall and antivirus efficiency, are you as safe as you think you are?

Backup testing, software patch statuses, and so much more!

What It Entails

We will meet with you to set up your audit, answer your questions, and guide you through this process.

Running The Audit

Running the audit is as simple as opening a link, and letting it run in the background. You can still work as you would any other day!


Once the audit is complete, we will get the results back within a few days and a member of our team will reach out to review the results with you! Answering any questions you may have.

Sign up for a Security Audit Today!

Ransomware increased 326% over the past 3 years: Do you have ransomware protection?

91% of Cyber Attacks start as a phishing email. Would your employees be fooled?

43% of all breaches come via insider threat. Are you protected against inside threats? 

75% of small and medium businesses say that a ransomware attack would be a “Death Blow” to their organization.

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