They are awesome!

We have 4 pediatric dentistry / orthodontic sites and they manage all of them. Their service is prompt, professional and highly skilled. We have been with them for several years now and the thing I appreciate the most (and probably take for granted at this point) is how well they understand our network. We have imaging software, network security, CBCT, PMS, movie players, VOIP phone, and numerous third-party vendors tapping into our system. Yet, they are smart enough to manage them all. It took very little time for them to learn our system and now little time is wasted to put out fires and keep everything current.

We used to waste so much time and money with our previous IT company. Not anymore. And, when we crunched the numbers, they are actually more cost effective than our previous company and any others I researched.

However, the bulk of what they do for us does not even appear on the score sheets. They are constantly monitoring and updating our servers, security, workstations, and back-ups without us even knowing.

Like I mentioned before, we work with lots of third parties to run our offices. I have to say, they are absolutely the best!