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Why Physicians Should Care About Protecting Patient Data

Cybersecurity for Health Care Physicians have a lot on their plates: managing busy schedules, staying up to date with medical advancements, and providing the best possible care to their patients. Amidst all these responsibilities, it can be easy to overlook the...

Is SharePoint HIPAA Compliant?

Is SharePoint HIPAA compliant? What you need to know! Is SharePoint HIPAA compliant, well healthcare organizations are, like many others, in the middle of digital transformation. A new generation of tools and tech promise all sorts of real benefits, from increased...

Think Like A Hacker To Help Protect Your Business

When people think about "hackers”, they picture the typical hooded figure furiously typing on a keyboard to break into networks. However, hacking doesn't always require guessing passwords or exploiting unpatched machines; it can commonly be social engineering and...

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