We hired Mike Fink!
We’ve hired our first Account Manager! Mike was about to give me the one finger salute for taking his picture without warning, but lets be honest, those are the best pictures. Surprise social media posts are just some of the shenanigans we’re known for. Sorry, not sorry, Mike!
A little about Mike:
1. Oldest of 5 siblings; Michael, Janelle, Caleb, Adelle, and Zachary
2. At 6’ 5 ½” tall I am the shortest boy in my family (my father is the tallest at 6’ 8”)
3. Huge fan of the Cubs, Bears, and Bulls.
4. The have a parade on my birthday every year and dye the Chicago River green (my favorite color) just because I was born in Illinois that day.
5. I have lived in North Dakota for 36 years now and I love it here.
6. Married to the love of my life (Jennifer) for 19 years. We have been together for 23 years and most days she still likes me.
7. I have 3 children Victoria, Alexander, and Nathaniel. They are cute thanks to my wife.
8. 10+ years of sales experience in finance, telecom, and IT.
Mike will be our customers’ go-to guy for everything from consulting advice to quoting to helping leaders and end users learn more about what we do. He’ll work closely with our sales, finance and service teams to make sure we’re doing a great job.
Welcome, Mike! Got questions for Mike? E-mail mfink@siliconplains.net or call 701-390-9876.
  • Date May 8, 2019
  • Tags New Hire