Lead Software Developer

Bismarck, ND
Salary: $50,000.00 to $85,000.00 /year

Job Summary

SP is hiring! We’re looking for another experienced technologist to add to our team. Must have experience in computer technology solution and software development, an understanding of how computers and the Internet affect people’s work life and a strong desire to see regional and global businesses succeed. Working experience is preferred.

The work is challenging and fun. You’ll be helping our team build software solutions across the globe. You’ll be coordinating effort between multiple teams in multiple countries, taking direction from project managers and working with a team at Silicon Plains, all towards common goals.

SP is the fastest growing and largest technology solution provider in central ND. If you’re looking to work for a tech company that has a Silicon Valley culture with North Dakota values, look no further.

Great single/family benefits and pay package!

Job Description

Create, modify and integrate software solutions using off-the-shelf software development tools and custom-written software code. Work with Software Analysts and Development Team to create business-oriented software solutions. Follow project definitions, project requirements and software development standards. Work with Customers to resolve issues.

Day-to-Day Essential Job Duties * Work closely with analysts, designers and staff

  • Test products and software code in controlled, real situations before going live.
  • Maintain software systems with patches, security updates and changes as necessary.
  • Write custom software code using appropriate standards.
  • Properly document code based on SP standards.
  • Store, retrieve and merge software code from repositories.
  • Create backups of work and fall-back plans before overwriting production code.
  • Track time in a detailed, accurate fashion in all areas of work (administrative, coding, documenting, etc) using company time-tracking tools and methods.
  • Work directly with Customers to identify and document bugs and resolve issues.


Preferred Skills *
Administrative Writing, Professional Communication, Microsoft Office, Microsoft Visual Studio, Managing Processes, Organization, Analyzing Information, Problem Solving, Inventory Control, Verbal Communication, Database Query Writing, Database Performance Indexing and Tuning, Computer and Software Security knowledge.
Preferred Technical Skills and Experience
Associates Degree in Software Development or 3+ years experience in the field. Knowledge of an Integrated Development Environments, code repositories and team-based software development.
High Level Expectations
Continued personal development in areas of leadership, always seeking knowledge in Software Development best practices as they relate to Job Duties, sets a very high bar for self and others then encourages all to strive to reach it.

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